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  • Apart from simply minding your children, our mission is to help accompany their growth and development. 

    • The activities are based around an educational format that not only supports but respects the identity and the differences in each child.

    • The activities are planned on a weekly basis by the education team with the objective of developing the senses, fine motor skills, knowledge as well as life within a community.

    • The workshops and activities are designed to be as playful as they are educational

    • Part of our mission is to prepare your child for the next step in their lives, schooling.

  • At la Crèche Coccinelle we believe the wellbeing of the children as well as the trust that the parents have in us, passes through a basis of quality. This is why we make recruiting and hiring the most qualified educators both on paper and in person a top priority.

  • The personnel are all qualified with a diploma recognized by the MinIster of Luxemburgish Education.

  • All educators have between 5-12 years of experience within the day care business.

  • The entire team’s vocation is to educate and mentor a child during their childhood and early years.

  • We hold the wellbeing of our employees in very high regard as well, in the goal of having the same employees long term so that the children hold these individuals in a frame of reference, giving them an emotional anchor point.  

  • Proper nourishment of the children is something we do not take lightly, the quality and preparation of all the food prepared for the children is carefully monitored.

  • All meals are prepared in our kitchen by our cook.

  • The meals are fresh, well balanced and varied.

  • The meals are prepared tailored to the child’s age group

  • The children are encouraged to try new flavors, they also plant and harvest their own vegetables from our small garden plot.

  • Alternative meals are available for any alimentary constraints.

  • The facilities of the crèche are warm and welcoming as well as being adapted to the life and safety of the children.

  • The crèche is situated in a large space with lots of natural light.

  • One room is specifically dedicated as a sort of “toddler gym” where the children can exercise playfully all while developing their fine motor skills, balance and agility as they grow.

  • The washrooms and changing stations are equipped to guarantee safety and hygiene.

  • During naptime, every child has their own bed.

  • Everyday the children play and get fresh air in our 500 square meter garden.

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