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  • I meet my educator and my friends and decide what I want to do, play, draw, read or make a puzzle.

a day at the Crèche Coccinelle
7-8 am
  • Time for group activities, cooking, painting, crafting...

10 -11am
  • We all go into the garden for some fresh air and once we are done, come back inside for story time

  • Time for lunch, then we brush our teeth and get changed before naptime

1- 3pm
  • Time for rest or naptime, everybody in their own bed with their stuffy.

  • Snack time, then games in the garden or a walk to the farm or the playground nearby.

5 -7pm
  • Time to wait for mum and dad to come pick me up, while I wait, I listen to story time or I play with my friends.

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